Q: Who is the Lead City Curator & Organizer for ICP Oakland?
A: ICP Oakland is independently curated and operated by Marc Callado of Shift Local, with the assistance of Richard & Adrienne, the Founders of the Indie Coffee Passport brand. Marc lives in Oakland, California. Marc is also co-founder of Shift Local, an organization with a mandate to encourage the Bay Area to shift spending from big box stores and national chains to supporting mom and pop shops. Established in 2012 in Oakland, CA, Shift Local "makes buying local HELLA fun." It is with these sentiments in mind that Marc worked tirelessly to bring Indie Coffee Passport to East Bay.

Q: Who are the original Founders of Indie Coffee Passport?
A: Indie Coffee Passport is the brainchild of Richard & Adrienne. It is a hobby and labour of love more than anything else. Richard is a professor at a Canadian university and Adrienne is a start-up lawyer at Innovate LLP. Follow Adrienne on Twitter here!

Q: I don't drink coffee, but I like discovering new cafes. Is the Passport for me?
A: Yes, definitely! All cafes have a non-coffee option (i.e. tea) on their list of drink choices for Passport holders.

Q: Do the cafes receive any of the funds collected?
A: Cafes receive partial reimbursement for each drink they give out under Indie Coffee Passport. As well, for each Passport that is sold by a particular cafe, that cafe will receive a small portion of the Passport price.

Q: Why isn't a certain cafe on the Passport?
A: A variety of reasons. For example, some may feel that their cafe may be too busy to handle the Passport. Others feel that they would rather try another marketing strategy.

Q: Why don't we list the hours of operation for each cafe on the Passport?
A: Independent cafes may change their hours from time to time, depending on season, customer demand, special events, meetings, renovations, etc. It is best that you give the cafe you'd like to visit a call to find out their current operating hours!

Q: Will you be running the Passport every year?
A: We're really never sure. We pretty much make the decision each year as to whether we'll run the Passport again. It depends on how much interest there is, and it also depends on whether Richard & Adrienne have enough time to do it!

Q: Why does the Passport only run for 7 months?
A: Our hope is that once you discover some new cafes with the Passport, you'll spend the rest of the year returning to the ones you love!